Here you can find we offer packaging solutions to meet different application purposes. Starts from general purpose packaging to more tailor made application solutions are available.

According to different industry we offer the best machines for you, with initial purpose to meet package security during handling or transportation and further goals to improve production system or reduce labor activity. We can customize the solution to specific needs.

Our product range starting from case erecting machines through to case sealer, strapping machines and wrapping machines. Our equipment are design to meet many general purpose packaging needs. Ask which one is right for your requirements.

About Packway

At Packway, we offer a wide range of packaging equipment, from standalone strapping systems, and secondary packaging systems, to fully-integrated packaging lines demonstrated in the right picture: (A). Carton Erector, (B). Case Flap-folding Sealer, (C). Standard Strapper (D). Carton Edge Sealer, (E). Side-seal Strapper, (F). Palletizer, (G). Pallet Dispenser, (H). Vertical Pallet Strapper, (I). Horizontal Pallet Strapper, (J). Pallet Top Sheet Dispenser, and (K). Pallet Wrapper. As a leading packaging equipment manufacturer, we not only provide you with standard, quality packaging machines but also custom models to meet your actual needs.