• PW-2862UYAOV


UYAOV: Top Sealing and retractable lance with movable U Series Strapping Head.

UYAOV: Top Sealing and retractable lance with movable U Series Strapping Head.
Power Supply 3phase, 220/380/415/440, 50/60Hz

Air Supply

6kgf/cm (137.64L/min.)

Strapping Head

U Series - High Tension 

Standard Arch Size


1250x 1000
PET Strap Width(mm) 9,12,15,19 x 406(ID)
Strapping Tension(Kg) 40~400
Strapping Speed 10sec/Strap
Sealing Method Electric Heat Seal
Detection Detection for strap not in position
Detection for no strap
Detection for strap failure

Min. Conveyor Height



Machine Size



PP strap adjustable tension


40~130(9mm), 40~180(12mm), 40~240(15mm), 40~260(19mm).


PET strap adjustable tension


40~200(9mm), 40~250(12mm), 40~350(15mm), 40~400(19mm).

Mechantronic Aspect:

  • PLC Control
  • Height Memory function
  • Tension pool with no strap detection 
  • Welding : Electric heat
  • Strap Feed & Reverse: servo motor controlled
  • Lance: Pneumatic driven  

Mechanical Aspect:

  • Improved new Heater Plate for a better and reliable sealing result  
  • Easier strap band change over 
  • Tension Dispenser 
  • Robust Structure
  • Tension force up to 400kg
  • Higher strapping position accuracy 

Mechatronic Aspect:

  • Conveyor System
  • HMI Control 

Mechanical Aspect:

  • Custom Made
  • Arch sizes made on request
  • PP Strap band

Special Needs: 

  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304

System Aspect:

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