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  • PW-1821AR+ PW-1818FC

PW-1821AR+ PW-1818FC

PW-1821AR + PW-1818FC Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Power Supply 3 phase,220/230/240V

Film Carriage Head

Pre-stretch Type

Turntable Diameter



Wrapping Height



Turntable speed


5~15 (adjustable)
Film Carriage Speed 2~5 M/min (adjustable)

Loading Weight



Machine size


3000 x 1800 x 2711 

AR: Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping with Roller Turntable and Top Cover sheet applicator.

Mechantronic Aspect:

  • HMI Control
  • PLC COntrol
  • FC: Top Cover Sheet dispenser
  • Automatic film clamping, cutting, and film wiping
  • Soft start/stop
  • Manual/Auto mode
  • Turntable with conveyor
  • Adjustable turning and wrapping speed by inveter
  • Film carriage head equiped with sensor for height detection
  • Safety swtichs on carriage head

Mechanical Aspect:

  •  Featuring PW-1818FC (pallet top covering mechanism)
  • Carriage head and turntable driven by chain for durability and stability during machines' operation

Mechantronic Aspect:

  • Sensors for conveyor turtable. 
  • Special spec. made on request
  • Safety fences

Mechanical Aspect:

  • Loading weight 4000kg
  • Customize wrapping height
  • Pre-stretch film carriage heads: PT, VPT, PF

Special Needs:

  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304

System Aspect:

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