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ERSH | Horizontal infeed | Uniform boxes | Manual adjustment

ERSH: Horizontal Carton Erector With Side Seal (Hot Melt Glue And Tape)

Automatic case erectors 

  • using tape application systems 
  • close the bottom flaps 
  • bottom tape sealing 
  • reliable manufacturer from Taiwan
Power Supply 3 Phase, 220/380/415/440V
Air supply

6kgf/cm (137.64L/min.)

85.3 (lb/in2)

Hot Melt Injection Machine

Nordson D4L

OPP Tape


(Please advice when ordering)

Sealing Size


*custom made

275 x 185 x 125 (mm)

10.8x  7.3x 4.9 (in)

(Please advice when ordering)

Tape Overlap


60±5 (mm) 2.36±0.2 (in)

Working Table Height

1000 (mm)

39.4 (in)


8 boxes/min. 

*Depends on box quality and size 

Machine Size


3120 x 1777 x 2056 (mm)

123 x 70 x 81 (in)

↑PW-547ERSH Dimension

  • Operator friendly, easy to adjust to different box sizes, and easy to maintain service.
  • Equiped with hot melt injection machine and tape sealing head. 
  • Sealing flexibility; operator is able to select different sealing methods such as tape sealing, hot melt glue sealing, or both at the same time.   
  • OPP tape end is pressed by plate mechanism, no tape bent or tape end miss alignment during sealing process
  • Able to load boxes continuously, minimizes idle time of the machine.
  • Designed for 3ply and 5 ply corrugated boxes

↑Sealing range for 2' and 3' OPP tape size

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