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ERSC: Horizontal Carton Erector With Side Seal

Power Supply 3 Phase, 220/380/415/440V
Air supply

6kgf/cm (137.64L/min.)

85.3 (lb/in2)

Tape Head C-1
OPP Tape


(Please advise when ordering)

Min. Sealing Size



420 x 275 x 320 (mm) 

16.5 x 10.8 x 12.6 (in)

Max. Sealing Size



640 x 480 x 400 (mm)

25.2 x 18.9 x 15.7  (in)

Tape Overlap


40±5 (mm) 1.57±0.2 (in)

60±5 (mm) 2.36±0.2 (in)

Working Table Height

700 (mm)

27.6 (lb)

Capacity 6~7 boxes/min.
Net Weight

1270 (kg)

2800 (lb)

Machine Size


3760x2169x1695 (mm)

148x85.4x66.7 (in)

↑PW-567ERSC Dimension


Mechantronic Aspect:

  • PLC System

Mechanical Aspect:

  • OPP tape end is pressed by plate mechanism, no tape bent or tape end miss alignment.
  • Suitable for 3ply or 5 ply corrugated boxes 
  • Infeed mechanism with vaccum suction 
  • Safety Fences: aluminum frame with acrylic window panel

Mechatronic Aspect:

  • HMI touch panel
  • Detection for failed box forming
  • Detection for low-quantity of boxes 

Mechanical Aspect:

  • Operating preference; Right Hand side or Left Hand side  
  • Safety Fences: aluminum frame with acrylic window panel
  • Tape overlap 70±5mm
  • Tape overlap 95±5mm

System Aspects:

  • Combine with carton sealers and strapping machine to increase your packaging efficiency even more.

Special Needs:

  • Stainless steel structure SUS# 304

↑Sealing range for 2' and 3' OPP tape sizes

↑C-1 Tape head

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