Application Solutions

Strapping Machine

In a variety ways of strapping application (closing, bunding, handing etc.)
Fixed Profile Height - Mechanical Tension Control

Model : PW-316H

Y: Side Seal With Height Adjustment

Model : PW-716Y

CAT: Aluminum Arch With Automatic Strap Threading and free roller table.

Model : PW-0860CAT

DUAT: UPE Arch With Automatic Strap Threading

Model : PW-0540DUAT

L: Standard Steel Arch With Low Profile And Free Roller Table.

Model : PW-0860L

Fixed Profile Height - Electronic Tension Control

Model : PW-320H

M: Mini-Type For Office Work With Electronic Control

Model : PW-220M

Y: Side Seal With Table Height Adjustment Handle.

Model : PW-717Y

CYTR: Aluminum Arch Side Seal With Free Roller Conveyor.

Model : PW-0660CYTR

A: Steel Arch With Free Roller Table

Model : PW-0860A

AC: Aluminum Arch With Free Roller Table.

Model : PW-0860AC

CL: Aluminum Arch with Automatic Low Profile Table, And Free Toller Table.

Model : PW-0860CL